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 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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PostSubject: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)   Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:47 pm

"How do I use my phone?"
To use your phone, press F7
To navigate your phone, press F2 to enable the cursor.

"I need an admin to me, what do I do?"
To contact an admin, use @. (example: "@ Admin i need help")

"How do I trade an item with a friend?"
To start a trade with a friend, simply type "/trade playersname".

"How do I use the inventory system?"
To put an item in your inventory, simply use the inventory pick-up swep. (drugs cannot be pocketed).
To view your inventory, hold C.

"How do I enable third-person?"
To enable/disable third-person, use the following chat commands:
/thirdperson or /firstperson

"How do I level?"
You gain 100 xp for every kill. (200 xp during happy hour)

"How do I start a party, invite people, and talk in party chat?"
With the following chat commands: "!party", "!invite", and "/p"

If these did not answer your current question, call for an admin for help!
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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