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 Designated Gaming's Dark RP Server Rules

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PostSubject: Designated Gaming's Dark RP Server Rules   Designated Gaming's Dark RP Server Rules EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 12:37 am

Welcome to our server, please review our city's laws & rules, be sure to read this as often as you can, as rules may be changed/added.

Citizens have 10 minutes to change to a roleplay job, or they will be kicked.
You must own a house or apartment at all times, failure to do so will result in a kick.

City Laws

Any gun bigger than a pistol is illegal without a gun license.

Money printers and murders are ALWAYS illegal.

Arson (setting things on fire)  is illegal.

If a police officer suspects you of having printers,he/she is allowed to get a warrant. If he/she is WRONG you are allowed to demote the officer for false warrant.

Corrupt cops are NEVER allowed.

Drugs are always illegal.

If an officer witnesses a hit being made (meaning he saw the note on the floor)
he can arrest both the assassin and the person making the hit.

Cops are allowed to want anyone on the spot for the following reasons:
adverting RAID, adverting Hit Complete, adverting Kidnapping, Illegal swep, Lockpicking, and having a weapon out when asked to put away.

You must have your pistol holstered at all times,if a cop witnesses you with a pistol out he will ask you to put it away. Failure to comply within 5 seconds grants the officer his right to AOS. (arrest on sight)

Police may only have their weapons out when necessary.(Raids, muggings, chasing suspect, pick pocket etc.)

You can be arrested for firing a gun.

If you have a gun license, you're permitted to own a illegal firearm.However, if found with the weapon out of holster,you'll be asked to put it away.If you don't comply, you'll be arrested.

Inside the Police Department = KOS by government.

Chess Rules

1.) If someone does not want to draw, you MUST continue the game.

2.) No killing people playing chess(no matter what).

3.) If the game is obviously a draw, you MUST draw.

4.) You have 5 minutes to make a move.

Customizable Sign Rules

1.) gruesome or nude pictures/gifs are never allowed.

2.) No insulting people using the sign.

3.) Do not place your sign on others property without permission.

General Rules

1.) Prop PUSH, KILL, SURF, and CLIMB is NEVER allowed.

2.) Threatening/Joking to crash, disconnect, harm,or hack the server, will ALWAYS result in a perma-ban.

3.) If someone bug baits or slaps you THREE or more times, you may kill that person.

4.) After joining the server you are a citizen,You have 10 minutes to pick your job. If not, you'll be kicked.

6.) New Life Rule (NLR):you may not return to your place of death for 5 minutes,and you forget your past life and who killed you.

7.) Random Death Match (RDM):the act of killing anyone randomly and without RP purpose.

8.) Do not use pornographic sprays.

9.) Do not disrespect other players. Swearing is allowed,however harassment is not tolerated.

10.) KOS lines, KOS borders, and "no loitering" signs are not allowed. You can only attack someone if they are TRESPASSING in your base, meaning only within your ownable door/fading door. This also applies for outside structures. if they're outside your base there is nothing you can do.

11.) Impersonating an admin is not allowed.

12.) Mic spamming will result in being muted.

13.) You can only kill police if you have a hit,if they are attempting to arrest you,searching your house with a warrant, or firing at you for a crime.

14.) Changing your job name does not allow you to break rules.

15.) Being wanted or warranted by someone,is not a reason to kill them.

16.) Fail RP is not allowed.

17.) Breaking laws as a government job,will get you kicked for fail RP.

18.) If a cop weapon checks you when you have a weapon bigger than a pistol,you can kill him immediately after the weapon check.

19.) You cannot kill anyone in a gun store unless you're raiding.

20.) Advertising other servers will always result in a permaban.

21.) Mugging is not allowed.

22.) Counter raiding is only allowed as a Crip/Blood, thieves may not counter raid.

23.) Stealing the master radio when raiding a Radio DJ is NOT allowed.

24.) Spawn does not consider the street. Only the city block you spawn on.

25.) The ammo station does not grant you immunity from KOS.

26.) If you are a KOS job (Cripz, Bloodz, or Assassin) the building sign does not grant you immunity from being killed, it only grants immunity from raids.

27.) you are only allowed to use Molotovs in raids.

Building Rules

1.) There must be at least 1 entrance to your base.

2.) You cannot block off sections of the map. (even underground.)

3.) Only donators, hobos, pets, and merchant jobs(such as gun dealer and drug dealer) are allowed to build outside.

4.) Do not mess with other peoples buildings.

5.) If you are building you can place a text screen stating you are building,this grants your base immunity to raids until you are finished.You cannot leave your base in this state for more than 10 minutes.

6.) Government jobs are not allowed to own doors,and can only build inside Government buildings.

7.) Hobos/Donors having floating bases is not allowed.

8.) You MUST have a keypad for each fading door,
you cannot hide a keypad.

9.) Building in the street is not allowed. (This applies for donators aswell.) If you are a donator/hobo, you can only build out to where the sidewalk ends.

10.) One way bases are not allowed. (You can see raiders, they can't see you.)

Fading Door Rules

1.) You are allowed 2 fading doors at a time.

2.) Fading doors cannot be used to in ways that prevent other nearby objects from being lock picked.

3.) During a raid you may not close your fading door after it has been opened.You also cannot open a fading door being picked and kill the invader.

4.) You must have a keypad with your fading doors,and the keypad cannot be hidden in anyway.

5.) All fading doors must ALWAYS have toggle check boxed

Pick Pocket Rules

1.) If someone is already pick pocketing the person you'd like to pick pocket,you must wait until he leaves.

2.) Do not pick pocket admins on duty.

3.) Pick Pocketing is ALWAYS makes you KOS & AOS.

Assassin/Pro Assassin Rules

1.) Other assassins can be killed on sight.

2.) If you kill someone without a hit, you'll be kicked.

3.) You are not allowed to complete a hit if your target is in a gun shop, this goes for killing assassins as well.

Hobo/Hobo Lord Rules

1.) You can only use your fists for SELF DEFENSE, do not pick fights.

2.) Hobo Lords are allowed to defend hobos.

3.) You cannot build in the street, only sidewalks.

Bloodz & Cripz Rules

1.) The gangs can only kill each other when in a turf war.
2.) You can only kill each other if an opposing gang is trying to take over your turf,
you cannot kill them if they aren't starting a war.

Guard Rules

1.) You are hired to guard a building, not a person.You must remain at their base.

Gun Dealer Rules

1.) You are allowed to KOS anyone with a gun out in your shop.

2.) You cannot limit your services to a specific faction or group.

3.) You must own a shop.

Police Rules

1.) Always try to arrest. If they pull out their gun,then you can kill them.

2.) You may use the stun stick against disrespectful players.

3.) See Guns: for more info on gun related crimes.

4.) Weapon checking at spawn is not allowed.

5.) Police may never OWN a money printer, however they can confiscate others for personal use.

6.) ONLY Sheriff's are allowed to set bail.

7.) The maximum asking price for bail = 5k.

Kidnapper Rules

1.) You are not allowed to make mobile traps.

2.) When taking hostages you must place an asking price in advert.

3.) If you do not receive your money within FIFTEEN MINUTES,
you are allowed to kill your hostage(s).

Undercover Officer Rules

1.) You're allowed to raid without adverting RAID.

2.) In your raid, you're only allowed to kill in self defense.

3.) You may not steal anything inside the base,
anything you find must be reported verbally to the mayor or the sherrif.

Thief/Professional Thief Rules

1.) You are not allowed to prop block someone to mug them.

2.) You cannot defend fellow thief when they break the law.
(Example: you can't kill an officer for arresting another thief.)

Fire Fighter Rules

1.) Do not use your fire extinguisher unless you're using it on a fire.
2.) You must respond to and call of a fire.

Raiding Rules

1.) The only jobs allowed to raid are Gangs, Thieves, and Thugs.

2.) Gang leaders can raid solo however, regular gang members must have 2 or more to raid.

3.) Everyone involved in the raid must advert raid.

4.) Atleast ONE person in the raid must press F6 on the door,to offically start the raid.

5.) Once your raid is over,you must advert that the raid has ended.

6.) You cannot raid the same place for 15 minutes.

Admin Rules

1.) Always listen to both sides of the story.Do not simply take someone at their word.

2.) Do not use no clip to transport yourself while in non admin jobs.You CAN use no clip to build.

3.) Do not use admin abilities to gain an advantage in role playing,such as spawning yourself weapons.

4.) Act mature when interacting in admin situations.

5.) Only punish when necessary.If someone shows respect and sincerity while you are talking to them,you do not need to kick them.

6.) Admins are not immune to the rules.Feel free to raid them when they RP,and report them on the forums if they break the rules.

7.) When you ban a player remember the time is set in minutes,and always give a reason.

8.) When dealing with an admin situation,you must always claim the person you're helping.example: "someplayer" to admins: Admin to me please Whoever is the first to say Claimed in admin chat,is the one dealing with that individual.

9.) Favoritism is NOT allowed.

10.) Admins are only allowed to ban for 1 day maximum.

11.) ALWAYS respect and act kindly to players,in other words, kill em' with kindness.

12.) When no-clipping, be sure you use the command /cloak BEFORE no-clipping.

13.) NEVER make angry ban reasons.Example: (You're banned now faggot), always make it a valid reason, no matter how annoying they were.

14.) Do not mess with/pick up players that are roleplaying
(even if they are your friends/other staff members) for no reason.
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Designated Gaming's Dark RP Server Rules
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