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 ($25.00) Donator Rank/How to Donate/Donation Perks/Donation Jobs

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PostSubject: ($25.00) Donator Rank/How to Donate/Donation Perks/Donation Jobs   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:43 pm

How to donate:
Go in-game and click Donate.

Exclusive Weapons: Batman fists(40 Damage), Grappling Hook, Smoke Bomb

Fight crime as the legendary dark knight, this job is custom to our server meaning it has features such as: Detective Vision (F key to enable), Hold space to glide, Crouch+Space while aiming at someone below you with the grappling hook to hang them from the wall,  & no fall damage. You will not find this job on any other server.

Job Rules: You're a vigilante, meaning you have no ties with the government at all, you take the law into your own hands. You also cannot kill officers at any time, even if they are trying to arrest/kill you. Do not spam smoke grenades, only use when necessary.

Exclusive Weapons: Knife & unbreakable lock pick
Help out your gang with raiding by using your unbreakable lock pick.

Job Rules: Same as Bloodz & Cripz.

Exclusive Weapons: M249 LMG, Mossberg 590
Protect your friends, or their base with this job.

Job Rules: You're allowed to follow the person who hired you to guard them if they ask you to. You're not tied down to their base/shop like regular guards are.

Exclusive Weapons: Knife
Protect your homeless allies as this class.

Job Rules: You cannot kill hobos, only players attacking hobos.

Exclusive Weapons: Crowbar, Model 500, Lockpick, Keypad Cracker 
Protect yourself from assassins, and raid your assassination targets to take them out.

Job Rules: You may only raid the player you have a hit on, and you cannot steal anything. The only intentions for raiding are to assassinate. Other than that, you have the same job rules as assassins.

Exclusive Weapons: Colt 1911, G36, Knife, Lockpick
The ultimate class for raiding. You spawn with the powerful G36, making it easy to take out your foes.

Job Rules: Same rules as Thief.

Disclaimer: We consider your contributing amount as a DONATION; not a PAYMENT. Donating to us does NOT create an immunity to server and forum rules, failure to comply with our rules will always result in a kick or ban, whether you're a donator or not... So before you donate please read our rules! We appreciate your contribution to keep our server up and running!
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($25.00) Donator Rank/How to Donate/Donation Perks/Donation Jobs
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